Rachael WilsonMy work in MusicPlace is based in schools and private work.  I have experience working musically with all age groups with a range of conditions, such as autism, PMLD, and mental health issues, to name a few. 
Music plays a significant role in our lives and is accessible to everyone.  We hear music everyday, such as on the radio in our cars.  Music can stir up feelings of excitement, calm, joy or even significant memories.
Music can help us verbally or non-verbally express and communicate these feelings with others.  I believe that music therapy works on the basis of these principles of music.
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    MusicPlace North-West now have a Local Giving account for anyone wishing to donate financially towards our work. You can find our Local Giving page on the top bar under "donate"

    Thank you for your donation, we are a small charity so every penny really does count!

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